Fluttering begins again September 1st! 
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In-person, traditional fluttering has been an annual event every September since 2014! A set of 12 dragonflies travels from one person's yard to another each day – or for as many days as you choose to – throughout the month of September.

Traditional Fluttering

Each person you Flutter gets the joy of a yard full of dragonflies for a day

 — with the option to pick who they want to Flutter next by making a donation to Unravel. You (the owner of the kit) pick up the dragonflies & packet to be moved to the next home selected.

Buy a Fluttering Kit

Buy a Fluttering Kit here. You can expect to receive your 12 dragonflies, yard sign & a packet of forms inside your fluttering box. Kits will arrive the last week of August.

 Many of our Flutterers choose to share kits with a friend or family member.

step 1

Create Your Fundraising Page here. This is where you can keep track of all of your donations & compete to see who can raise the most!

step 2

Join our Fluttering Facebook Page. This is where you can connect with our Fluttering community, ask questions, share ideas, support each other & get inspired. 

step 3

Don’t have 30 days to commit?

SHARE! Inspire donations and support from family, friends, colleagues and community via social media or word of mouth! Spread the word, Fluttering starts September 1st!

step 4

no problem!

How it Works

Below is a quick, two minute video explaining Fluttering. Also, don’t forget to check out our Fluttering Frequently Asked Questions, which might help answer any other questions you have!

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Get Your FREE Virtual Kit

We're so excited to be offering a VIRTUAL Fluttering option this year! Traditional Fluttering kits will still ship mid-to-late August but this year you can choose to flutter in person or virtually (or both)!

Traditional Fluttering HERE!