Fluttering 2020 has now ended.  Thank you SO MUCH for your support.  Fluttering will be back next year, and virtual kit sign-ups will be available at the end of July 2021!

Virtual Fluttering you can do all from home (for FREE)! We have created a digital kit that will help you spread awareness by tagging friends, and asking them to do the same.

Virtual Fluttering

Using the power social media you can help spread awareness about the lack of funding in pediatric cancer research.

We have done all the work, you simply copy the image and text and share it on your social media platforms. You can also create your own page and compete against others. Special prizes will be awarded to the top Flutterers.

Sign up to get access to our FREE virtual kit with all the information on how to flutter digitally. The kit includes social media images, captions, & inspiration to make it easy!

September is pediatric cancer awareness month. Help us spread the word!

step 1

Create Your Fundraising Page here. This creates a custom link for you to share your fundraiser. You can also keep track of all of your donations here & compete to see who can raise the most!

step 2

Join our Fluttering Facebook Page. This is where you can connect with our Fluttering community, ask questions, support each other & get inspired.

step 3

fluttering starts the  1st of september

SHARE! Inspire donations and support from family, friends, colleagues and community via social media or word of mouth! We'll give you the roadmap, it's as easy as copy & paste. 

step 4

Get Your Kit

Download a FREE Virtual Kit

We're so excited to be offering a VIRTUAL Fluttering option this year! Traditional Fluttering kits will still ship mid-to-late August but this year you can choose to flutter in person or virtually (or both)!

When will kits ship?

Kits usually ship the third-fourth week of August.  We will have them there by Sept. 1st!

Can I make my own kit?

For consistency, we prefer that you only flutter with an official Unravel Fluttering Kit.  

Are you offering booster kits this year?

Yes! We are offering two types of booster kits this year: Paperwork only and paperwork with 6 replacement dragonflies.

I work in an office and would love to Flutter my co-workers. Do you have any kits for that?

In light of Covid-19, we are not offering Office Kits in 2020.  If you still want to office Flutter as your office is open, please email us for options!

Are the kits tax deductible?

Unfortunately, since the cost you pay for the kit does not cover the full cost Unravel pays for the kit, the kits themselves are not tax deductible.

I have a kit from 2019, What can I do with this kit?

Great question! Feel free to use your dragonflies from last year’s kit as another way to spread awareness. Leave one behind at a special supporter’s house or put them in your yard to spread awareness all year long. Or use it with our booster paperwork!

Can people just donate to the cause?

Of course! They can donate through your page, or simply use the link at the top of this page.  They can also send a check made out to Unravel. Send to Unravel, P.O. Box 2206, Gilroy, CA 95021. Please note “Fluttering” on the memo line.

What's a shared kit?

A shared kit is when you split the commitment of moving dragonflies with a friend or family member.  Many of our Flutterers choose to share kits.

Where did the funds go from the previous Fluttering Campaigns?

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General questions

Funds raised through previous campaigns went to Dr. Jim Olson, who is now the Jennifer Lynn Kranz Endowed Chair at Fred Hutch. Jim and his team helped to develop tumor paint. Unravel funds always go to support pediatric cancer research and your efforts help bring attention to the need to improve treatments!

Virtual fluttering questions >

General questions

How do i get my kit?

Simply add it to your cart here (it's free) and checkout. We'll send you an email with instructions!

how often do i have to post?

We recommend you post once a week during the month of September. But if you're an overachiever, post as much as you'd like! Raising awareness is our goal.

what's included in the virtual kit?

You'll receive step-by-step instruction with pictures and captions to add to your social media accounts. We've made it super easy for you to Flutter virtually!

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virtual fluttering questions

fundraising page questions >

virtual fluttering Questions

Where do I go to sign up for my fundraising page?

You can set up your fundraising page here.

I didn’t receive the e-mail about fluttering.

I have received a lot of checks. Can I add them to my fundraising page?

You can enter the checks on your fundraising page! Stay tuned for instructions.

I received a cash donation. What should I do with the cash?

You can enter the cash donation on your fundraising page! When you mail the checks to Unravel, please do not mail the cash. Instead, please convert to cash using the following guidelines:
Under $250 – you can write a personal check
Over $250 – please send in a cashier’s check for the donation

Please send a note with the name and address of the person who donated the cash so that we can send them an acknowledgement letter for their donation. On the check memo line please write: Cash Donation (Name of Donor) .

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fundraising page questions

flutter kit questions >

Fundraising Page Questions

What do I do with the “Donation Forms?”

Please send back with your checks and the “Keep the Fluttering Going” forms you collect from each house by October 5th.

What do I do with the “Keep the Fluttering Going” Forms?

Please keep these from each house you Flutter! Please send them back to us along with the checks and donation form by October 5th.

I didn’t get a FAQ sheet with my kit?

We wanted to save a few trees and decided to keep our FAQ page electronic this year. Please keep checking back for the most current information regarding Fluttering.

What do I put on the “You’ve been Fluttered by” line?

On the line, “You’ve been Fluttered by your friends, “put the name of the person/family that requested the fluttering. On the line, “along with the help from Unravel’s official Flutterer,” please put your name.

Where do I leave the large envelope and clip that has the paperwork inside?

Please leave the clipped envelope on the front porch of the Fluttered home or as near to the front door as possible. Please do not clip the paperwork to the sign as it may be overlooked, fall off, get hit by sprinklers, blow away or be stolen.

Boo! My envelope got wet. What do I do?

We’ve included a second envelope for exactly this scenario! If the second is also destroyed, please use a large envelope as close to the original as possible.

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flutter kit questions

fluttering in action questions >

Flutter Kit Questions

Who should I Flutter?

Focus on Fluttering people that you think may not know the facts about pediatric cancer. Reach out to friends, family, neighbors, local businesses and other people who may not be aware of the grim realities associated with pediatric cancer research and funding. Let’s spread the glitter far and wide!

I would like to Flutter, but don’t know if I know enough people in my area.

That is one of the great things about Fluttering! You only need to select the first house to Flutter, and then they will take it from there. For a donation to Unravel, each person/family you Flutter chooses a new home to Flutter, so you just Flutter the next address you are given. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors!

Do I have to Flutter at night?

No. Flutter at whatever time works for you! Just please try to be consistent so families can enjoy their dragonflies for approximately 24 hours.

Is the person or family I Fluttered responsible for moving the dragonflies to the next home?

No, you are the Flutterer! You are responsible for picking up and moving the dragonflies to the next home requested by the previous person or family you Flutter (or as you choose in the event another home was not suggested).

Should I notify the Fluttered family that they should expect to find the dragonfly display in their yard?

If you feel it is necessary, and you know the family, text the Fluttered family with a teaser like, “I’m sending you something very special,” so that when they see the dragonflies, they may associate them with you. Feel free to keep in touch in whatever ways that make the dragonflies a happy experience between friends, for a great cause.

I have a long distance request for Fluttering. What do I do?

Contact the family requesting the Fluttering & let them know that you are unable to Flutter that address and would like to change to a person or family more local. They can also join via Virtual Fluttering to share with friends at a distance. You may also post to the Facebook Fluttering group asking if someone is Fluttering in their area.

Is there a “We’ve Been Fluttered” sign I can leave at the Fluttered house?

I would like to leave a thank-you note to the people who make donations. Is there one available?

Yes, please visit the Fluttering Downloads section of the website or email fluttering@unravelpediatriccancer.org with further questions.

What do I do on September 30th, the last day of Fluttering?

Please include the “Last Day of Fluttering” sheet with the envelope delivered to the last home you Flutter to let them know they are the last home and you hope they will participate in Fluttering next year. Please encourage the person or family to make a donation, but we will not be able to pass along the Fluttering. You may email fluttering@unravelpediatriccancer.org with additional questions.

Yes! Please email us at fluttering@unravelpediatriccancer.org and we'll send you a sign you can print at home.

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fluttering in action questions

general questions >

Fluttering in Action Questions