Fluttering begins September 1st!!!

Virtual Fluttering you can do all from home (for FREE)! We have created a digital kit that will help you spread awareness by tagging friends, and asking them to do the same.

Virtual Fluttering

Using the power social media you can help spread awareness about the lack of funding in pediatric cancer research.

We have done all the work, you simply copy the image and text and share it on your social media platforms. You can also create your own page and compete against others. Special prizes will be awarded to the top Flutterers.

Download our FREE virtual kit with all the information on how to flutter digitally. The kit includes social media images, captions, & more to make it easy for you to use! 

September is pediatric cancer awareness month. Help us spread the word!

step 1

Create Your Fundraising Page here. This creates a custom link for you to share your fundraiser. You can also keep track of all of your donations here & compete to see who can raise the most!

step 2

Join our Fluttering Facebook Page. This is where you can connect with our Fluttering community, ask questions, support each other & get inspired.

step 3

fluttering starts the  1st of september

SHARE! Inspire donations and support from family, friends, colleagues and community via social media or word of mouth! We'll give you the roadmap, it's as easy as copy & paste. 

step 4

Get Your Kit

Download a FREE Virtual Kit

We're so excited to be offering a VIRTUAL Fluttering option this year! Traditional Fluttering kits will still ship mid-to-late August but this year you can choose to flutter in person or virtually (or both)!